Bachelor of Architectural Design (BArchDes)

Program Code


Program Minimum Units


Standard Duration

3 Years

Program Faculty

Faculty of the Professions

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Special Notes

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The Bachelor of Architectural Design degree focuses on both discipline-specific architectural and landscape architectural contents with a shared focus on urban design. The curriculum emphasises the centrality of design as core supported by courses in environmental studies, representation, construction and history and theory. The interrelated nature of the disciplines of architecture, landscape architecture and urban design is supported with an innovative discipline-based to content delivery.
The Bachelor of Architectural Design is an AQF level 7 qualification with a standard full-time duration of 3 years.

Academic Program Rules for Bachelor of Architectural Design

There shall be a Bachelor of Architectural Design.

Qualification Requirements
Academic Program: 

To qualify for the degree of Bachelor of Architectural Design, the student must complete satisfactorily a program of study consisting of core courses to the value of 72 units.

Core Courses

Level I

All of the following courses must be completed:

Subject / Catalogue Course Title Unit Value
DESST 1503 Design Studio I 6
DESST 1504 Representation I 3
DESST 1505 History Theory I 3
DESST 1506 Design Studio II 6
DESST 1507 Construction I 3
DESST 1508 Environment I 3

Level II

Subject / Catalogue Course Title Unit Value
DESST 2516 Design Studio III 6
DESST 2517 Environment II 3
DESST 2518 Construction II 3
DESST 2519 Design Studio IV 6
DESST 2520 Representation II 3
DESST 2521 History Theory II 3

Level III

Subject / Catalogue Course Title Unit Value
DESST 3513 Design Studio V 6
DESST 3514 Construction III 3
DESST 3515 Representation III 3
DESST 3516 Design Studio VI 6
DESST 3517 Environment III 3
DESST 3518 History Theory III 3