Adelaide Graduate Research School

Choosing the Rules and Specifications for Thesis Examination

Research students may choose to be examined under the rules current at the time of thesis submission, or, under the rules current at the time of enrolment. Under normal circumstances, it is recommended that students elect to be examined under the current rules and specifications for the following reasons:

  • to ensure that the thesis delivered to examiners is consistent with current national and international expectations of a Doctoral or master by research thesis;
  • that the University has, in general, moved to permit greater flexibility in the format of research theses; and
  • the yearly revisions to the program rules and specifications for thesis document have resulted in greater clarity of doctoral and Master requirements to students, staff and examiners.

Historical Academic Program Rules

Historical Academic Program Rules for Research Degrees prior to 2016 are listed under the relevant Faculty.  The Rules for University wide degrees such as the Doctor of Philosophy can be accessed from any Faculty listing.

Faculty of Arts
Faculty of Engineering, Computer and Mathematical Sciences
Faculty of Health Sciences
Faculty of the Professions
Faculty of Sciences

Note: Program rules not listed here are available in the Postgraduate Calendar for the relevant year which can be found at the Barr Smith Library or by contacting the Adelaide Graduate Research School.