Bachelor of Teaching and Bachelor of Arts (BTeach)

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The Bachelor of Teaching degree program prepares students for teaching in secondary schools. The program is offered as a double degree only and is designed for students who are beginning tertiary study. The primary focus in the first three years of the degree is on completing a major in two different subject areas usually taught at senior secondary level. A major consists of courses taken over three consecutive years of study. Six semesters of study in a subject area is the general requirement for teaching a subject up to Year 12 level. 

Students are required to have completed the requirements of the discipline degree to be eligible to enrol into the fourth year of the program.

The Bachelor of Teaching is an AQF level 7 qualification with a standard full-time duration of 4 years.

Academic Program Rules for Bachelor of Teaching and Bachelor of Arts

There shall be a Bachelor of Teaching and Bachelor of Arts.

Qualification Requirements
Academic Program: 

To qualify for the degree of Bachelor of Teaching as part of a double degree program, the student must complete satisfactorily a program of study consisting of a combined total of not less than 96 units, comprising:

  1. Core courses to the value of 42 units for the Bachelor of Teaching
  2. Courses to the value of 54 units from the Bachelor of Arts including:
    1. one major to the value of 24 units
    2. one minor to the value of 18 units (or 21 units for the Psychology minor)
    3. core course ARTS 1007 The Enquiring Mind: Freedom and Media
    4. electives courses to a minimum of 9 units and a maximum of 12 units
  3. Level I courses to the value of at least 18 units, including at least 12 units at Level I from the Bachelor of Arts
  4. Level II and Level III courses to the value of at least 39 units, including the 6 unit capstone for the chosen major
  5. The major and minor must be chosen from different disciplines and may be chosen from the following:
    Chinese Studies
    Geography Environment and Population
    French Studies
    German Studies
    Indonesian Studies
    Italian Studies
    Japanese Studies
    Modern Greek Studies
    Psychology (minor only)
    Spanish Studies