Graduate Certificate in Biotechnology (Biomedical) (GCertBiotech(Biomed))

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This program explores the full spectrum of the biotechnology sector, spanning the discovery, research and development phases. Students will be exposed to a range of technology platforms, and develop highly competitive laboratory, research and project management skills. In addition, students will examine many of the contemporary issues related to biotechnology, including compliance and regulation, commercialisation and risk management strategies.
Biomedical research and its applications are a key focus of the curriculum, particularly as they relate to career opportunities in the Asia Pacific region.
The Graduate Certificate in Biotechnology (Biomedical) is an AQF Level 8 program with a standard full-time duration of 0.5 years.

Academic Program Rules for Graduate Certificate in Biotechnology (Biomedical)

There shall be a Graduate Certificate in Biotechnology (Biomedical) .

Qualification Requirements
Academic Program: 

To qualify for the Graduate Certificate in Biotechnology (Biomedical), the student must complete satisfactorily a program of study consisting of the following requirements with a combined total of not less than 12 units, comprising:

  1. Core courses to the value of 9 units
  2. Elective courses to the value of 3 units
Core Courses

To satisfy the requirements for Core Courses students must complete courses to the value of 9 units.

All of the following courses must be completed:

Subject / Catalogue Course Title Unit Value
BIOTECH 7000 Advanced Research Platforms 3
EDUC 7055 Research Communication 3
ENTREP 5016 Entrepreneurship and Innovation 3