Graduate Diploma in Nursing Science (GDipNSc)

Program Code

Program Faculty
Faculty of Health and Medical Sciences

Special Notes

The following specialisations will not be offered in 2023:
- Orthopaedic Nursing
- Oncology Nursing

Academic Year

These Program Rules should be read in conjunction with the University's policies (


This program is designed to provide opportunities for nurses to develop advanced skills in clinical inquiry, practice and leadership in professional nursing. It provides students with knowledge and understanding of research methods, critical analysis, leadership and theoretical perspectives that inform nursing.

Students are able to specialise in: Acute Care Nursing; Anaesthetic and Recovery Nursing; Cardiac Nursing; Emergency Nursing;  Intensive Care Nursing; Oncology Nursing; Orthopaedic Nursing; and Perioperative Nursing.

The Graduate Diploma in Nursing Science is an AQF Level 8 qualification with a standard full-time duration of 1 year.


Condition of Admission
Student and Professional Registration: Students accepted into the program shall: 

  1. be registered, or be eligible for registration, as a nurse in Australia
  2. be employed at a minimum of 0.64 FTE in the specialty setting (except for the Graduate Diploma of Nursing Science, non-specialist)
  3. have qualified for a degree of Bachelor of Nursing, or equivalent that is accepted for the purposes by the University
  4. and have at least one year of experience as a registered nurse in the field of the specialisation to be undertaken
Condition of Enrolment

Immunisation: Prior to any clinical placement, students will need to provide evidence of immunisation status. Students are required to have the appropriate level of immunisation required by the Immunisation for Health Care Workers in South Australia Policy Directive for tuberculosis (TB) screening and criminal history clearances (CHC), Prescribed Communicable Infections (PCI) screening, including recommendations for COVID-19 vaccines.

Interruption of program: Students must apply for permission from the Program Coordinator or Delegate before taking a Leave of Absence. Absence without approval will result in the loss of place in the program. An application may be made to be re-admitted to the program subject to the admission procedures in place at the time.

Academic Program Rules for Graduate Diploma in Nursing Science

There shall be a Graduate Diploma in Nursing Science.

Qualification Requirements

To qualify for the Graduate Diploma in Nursing Science, the student must complete satisfactorily a program of study from one of the following requirements with a combined total of not less than 24 units, comprising:

  1. Core courses to the value of 9 units
  2. One specialisation to the value of 15 units from the following:
    • Acute Care Nursing
    • Anaesthetic and Recovery Nursing
    • Cardiac Nursing
    • Emergency Nursing
    • Intensive Care Nursing
    • Oncology Nursing
    • Orthopaedic Nursing
    • Perioperative Nursing  
    • Non-specialist Graduate Diploma

Core Courses