Master of Business Administration (MBA)

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Faculty of Arts, Business, Law and Economics

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The Master of Business Administration is a comprehensive degree that explores the core areas of business activity from finance and marketing through to strategy formulation and decision-making. The program also introduces students to the theories of complex systems, organisational behavior and leadership styles. Rigour and relevance are carefully balanced through the application of theory to authentic work place scenarios. Upon graduation students will have developed a sound understanding of business management practices, organisational cultures and their own leadership style.

The Master of Business Administration is an AQF Level 9 qualification with a standard full-time duration of 2 years.

Academic Program Rules for Master of Business Administration

There shall be a Master of Business Administration.

Qualification Requirements

To qualify for the Master of Business Administration the student must complete satisfactorily a program of study consisting of the following requirements with a combined total of not less than 48 units, comprising:

  1. Core courses to the value of 27 units, or core courses to the value of 24 units if completing a specialisation in Wine Business
  2. A specialisation up to the value of 18 units, or the Wine Business specialisation up to the value of 21 units
  3. Research courses to the value of 3 units

Core Courses