Bachelor of Philosophy, Politics and Economics (BPhilPolEc)

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Faculty of Arts, Business, Law and Economics

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The Bachelor of Philosophy, Politics, and Economics program provides students with an opportunity to explore the nature of societies, institutions, and values, and to address pressing issues from a variety of perspectives. The program is a challenging avenue of study, aiming to prepare students for leadership in the public and private sectors, as well as providing a foundation for higher degree studies. Using a broad interdisciplinary approach, students will gain a sophisticated comprehension of the nature of social and political institutions, the way individuals and organisations can and should choose to allocate resources, and the constraints that moral and ethical values place on the proper functioning of economic and political structures. The program provides students with broad knowledge in three disciplines, specialised and advanced knowledge in one discipline, experience of research, and hands on work experiences in government, NGOs, and the business sector.

The Bachelor of Philosophy, Politics and Economics is an AQF Level 7 qualification with a standard full-time duration of 3 years.

Program Learning Outcomes

  1. Understand a broad and coherent body of knowledge in Philosophy, Politics and Economics,and related foundational and inter-disciplinary topics.
  2. Apply creative and critical thinking to identify and propose solutions to complex social policy problems using rigorous cross-disciplinary methods of inquiry, based on a variety of types of primary and secondary data sources, making use of both qualitative and quantitative approaches.
  3. Communicate proficiently within discipline and professional contexts in a range of social, cultural and linguistic situations using a variety of spoken and written modes and formats, including extended written research reports and policy proposals; contribute productively to group-based outcomes across disciplines and backgrounds.
  4. Demonstrate career readiness and leadership skills appropriate for beginning professional practice in public policy and related fields including: 4.1 systematic understanding of people, resources, and institutions and their interactions 4.2 information technology skills to access, store, manage, analyse and present discipline-based information and data, and communicate effectively with others 4.3 life-long learning skills characterised by academic rigour, self-direction and intellectual independence.
  5. Identify global social issues and their ethical implications,understand the cultural complexity of policy decisions, and demonstrate the capacity to operate with personal and professional integrity in a range of social, cultural and linguistic contexts, with a particular focus on the diversity of Australian contexts.
  6. Appreciate and manage their own personal capabilities through processes of self-appraisal and demonstrate respect and mutuality in sustaining productive relationships.
  7. Attain an in-depth knowledge of at least one discipline from Philosophy, Politics and Economics, including relevant concepts, theories, skills, debates, emerging issues, and methods of inquiry.


Interruption of program: Students must apply for permission from the Executive Dean or delegate before taking a Leave of Absence. Any extension of the leave without approval will result in the loss of place in the program but an application may be made to be re-admitted to the program subject to the admission procedures in place at the time.

Program Maximum Duration: As specified in Table 1 of the Coursework Academic Programs Policy, this program must be completed within a Maximum Duration which includes any periods of non-enrolment, leave of absence or approved study at other institutions for credit towards a Program. 

Academic Program Rules for Bachelor of Philosophy, Politics and Economics

There shall be a Bachelor of Philosophy, Politics and Economics.

Qualification Requirements

To qualify for the degree of Bachelor of Philosophy, Politics and Economics, the student must complete satisfactorily a program of study consisting of the following requirements with a combined total of not less than 72 units, comprising:

1.  Core courses to the value of 33 units, including a course chosen from the Core Competency List to the value of 3 units
2.  Philosophy, Politics and Economics Closed electives to the value of 15 units as follows:

  • Level I Politics Closed elective courses to the value of 6 units
  • Level II Philosophy Closed elective courses to the value of 6 units
  • Level II Politics Closed elective courses to the value of 3 units
3.  Additional major courses to the value of 15 units chosen from one of the following disciplines:
  • Economics
  • Philosophy
  • Politics
4.  Internship courses to the value of  6 units as follows:
  • An Internship to the value of 6 units
  • An Internship to the value of 3 units, plus Level III open elective courses to the value of 3 units.
5. Open elective course to the value of 3 units.

Core Courses