Graduate Diploma in Business Administration [Online] (GradDipBusAdminOnline)

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The Graduate Diploma in Business Administration [Online] is designed to equip students with the capacity for strategic and management planning, plus an understanding of how this flows through to decision making. Students are supported and challenged to engage with the fundamental functions of management – Planning, Organising, Leading, and Controlling - in an integrated, multi-disciplinary manner.

The Graduate Diploma in Business Administration [Online] is an AQF Level 8 qualification with a standard full-time duration of 1 year. However, the program is only offered part-time for a duration of 1.3 years.

Program Learning Outcome
1. Explain a variety of theories on the nature of leadership, diagnose technical and adaptive challenges and generate a range of solutions to mobilise people to operate in an adaptive environment.
2. Critique different paradigms of management, leadership and entrepreneurship.
3. Explain the key enterprise concepts and utilise relevant theories and research methods to evaluate, formulate and implement ideas, opportunities and innovations.
4. Analyse how strategic objectives can emerge from the interplay of functional elements of an enterprise and formalised planning.

Program Maximum Duration: As specified in Table 1 of the Coursework Academic Programs Policy, this program must be completed within a Maximum Duration which includes any periods of non-enrolment, leave of absence or approved study at other institutions for credit towards a Program.

Academic Program Rules for Graduate Diploma in Business Administration [Online]

There shall be a Graduate Diploma in Business Administration [Online].

Qualification Requirements
Academic Program: 

To qualify for the Graduate Diploma in Business Administration [Online] the student must complete satisfactorily a program of study consisting of the following requirements with a combined total of not less than 24 units comprising:

  1. Core courses to the value of 24 units.
Core Courses

To satisfy the requirements for Core Courses students must complete courses to the value of 24 units.

Core Courses

All of the following courses must be completed:

Subject / Catalogue Course Title Unit Value
ECON 7244OL Managerial Economics 3
MANAGEMT 7123OL Leadership and Influencing 3
MANAGEMT 7124OL Marketing for Managers 3
MANAGEMT 7125OL Entrepreneurial Mindset 3
MANAGEMT 7126OL Accounting and Financial Management 3
MANAGEMT 7127OL Innovation Management 3
MANAGEMT 7128OL Managing People and Organisations 3
MANAGEMT 7131OL Research for Managers 3