Graduate Diploma in Psychology [Online] (GDipPsych)

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The Graduate Diploma in Psychology is a fully online offering designed for applicants who have already completed a three-year undergraduate degree at AQF Level 7 that may or may not have included psychology.

Courses focus on contemporary research, theories and applications to develop critical and analytic thinking and research skills, providing broad foundational and advanced knowledge in the scientific discipline of psychology.

The Graduate Diploma in Psychology is an AQF Level 8 qualification with a standard full-time duration of 1.25 years. However, this program is only offered  part-time for a duration of 1.7 years.

Program Learning Outcome
1. Synthesise and critique psychological theory, constructs and contemporary knowledge.
2. Evaluate knowledge claims regarding psychological science.
3. Apply psychological concepts to complex personal, social and societal issues.
4. Formulate research questions and design psychological research studies.
5. Apply qualitative and quantitative and mixed methodology techniques to analyse psychological data.
6. Produce reports and other materials in formats suitable for a variety of audiences and purposes.
7. Reflect critically on the ethical issues, legislative requirements and evidence-based approaches underpinning psychological research and select areas of professional practice.

Interruption of Program: Students must apply for permission from the Program Director or Delegate before taking a Leave of Absence.  Any extension of the leave without approval  will result in the loss of place in the program but an application may be made to be re-admitted  to the program subject to the admission procedures in place at the time. 

Program Maximum Duration: As specified in Table 1 of the Coursework Academic Programs Policy, this program must be completed within a Maximum Duration which includes any periods of non-enrolment, leave of absence or approved study at other institutions for credit towards a Program. 

Academic Program Rules for Graduate Diploma in Psychology [Online]

There shall be a Graduate Diploma in Psychology [Online].

Qualification Requirements
Academic Program: 

To qualify for the Graduate Diploma in Psychology, the student must complete satisfactorily a program of study consisting of the following requirements with a combined total of not less than 30 units, comprising:

  1. Foundation courses to the value of 6 units
  2. Core courses to the value of 24 units.


Core Courses

To satisfy the requirements for Core Courses students must complete courses to the value of 30 units.

All of the following courses must be completed:

Foundation Courses

Subject / Catalogue Course Title Unit Value
PSYCHOL 6500OL Foundations of Psychology 3
PSYCHOL 6501OL Research Methods, Design and Analysis 3


All of the following courses must be completed:

Core Courses

Subject / Catalogue Course Title Unit Value
PSYCHOL 6502OL Developmental Psychology 3
PSYCHOL 6503OL Psychological Health & Wellbeing 3
PSYCHOL 6504OL Applying Research Methods in Psychology 3
PSYCHOL 6505OL Culture and Context 3
PSYCHOL 6506OL Social Psychology 3
PSYCHOL 6507OL Cognitive Psychology 3
PSYCHOL 6508OL Individual Differences and Assessment 3
PSYCHOL 6509OL Learning and Behaviour 3