Master of International Management (MIntMgt)

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The Master of International Management is a comprehensive degree program that develops advanced conceptual and practical skills necessary for effective operational and strategic responses to complex dynamic global forces at the organisational and interpersonal levels. The program has a particular focus on managing different types of organisations that conduct business internationally and their specific challenges and opportunities. With a combination of foundation and specialised courses, the program is designed to meet the needs of entrants from either a business degree, seeking to advance their skills and knowledge in the field of international business, or those from a non-business background who wish to develop an advanced set of skills and knowledge in a new field. 
The Master of International Management is an AQF Level 9 qualification with a standard full-time duration of 2 years. Students may be eligible to complete the program in a full-time duration of 1.5 years on the basis of prior learning.

Program Learning Outcome
1. Describe and explain multidimensionality of global business environment and pertinent cultural, ethical, geographical, temporal, environmental and social challenges and develop managerial and strategic responses for different types of organisations, including multinational corporations, small and medium-sized enterprises and government agencies, to operate in such environment.
2. Evaluate and challenge the underlying assumptions, models and paradigms that guide doing business in diverse international contexts.
3. Apply rigorous analytical methods and theory-driven approach to solving complex international management problems encountered by different types of organisations.
4. Exercise expert judgement to create actionable and effective solutions to international business and management problems experienced by different types of organisations by integrating knowledge across disciplines.
5. Demonstrate presentation, communication, reflection and teamwork skills (including intercultural skills), appropriate for working in the international business context with diverse groups of stakeholders.

Program Maximum Duration: As specified in Table 1 of the Coursework Academic Programs Policy, this program must be completed within a Maximum Duration which includes any periods of non-enrolment, leave of absence or approved study at other institutions for credit towards a Program.

Academic Program Rules for Master of International Management

There shall be a Master of International Management.

Qualification Requirements
Academic Program: 

To qualify for the Master of International Management students must complete satisfactorily a program of study with a combined total of not less than 48 units. 

Core Courses

To satisfy the requirements for Core Courses students must complete courses to the value of 36 units.

All of the following courses must be completed:

Subject / Catalogue Course Title Unit Value
ACCTING 7025 Accounting Essentials for Decision Makers (M) 3
COMMERCE 7039 Business Research Methods (M) 3
COMMGMT 7006 People and Organisations (M) 3
ECON 7200 Economic Principles (M) 3
INTBUS 7015 Cross-Cultural Management and Negotiation (M) 3
INTBUS 7016 Managing Multinational Corporations 3
INTBUS 7500 Fundamentals of International Business (M) 3
INTBUS 7501 Global Business Analysis (M) 3
INTBUS 7503 International Entrepreneurship and Innovation (M) 3
INTBUS 7506 International Business Strategy (M) 3
MARKETNG 7104 Marketing Management (M) 3
TRADE 5001 International Trade: Strategies & Opportunities 3