Professional Certificate in Business Studies (ProfCertBusSt)

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Academic Year


Special Notes

These Program Rules should be read in conjunction with the University's policies (


The Professional Certificate in Business Studies provide an opportunity to study as range of courses related to business practices and functions. You can build your own study plan to meet your own needs, picking topics of interest or focusing on your professional needs.

The program encompasses theoretical and practical aspects of business and offers learning from the planning of a small business to the management of operations, marketing, finance, and human resources in large businesses.

Through the analysis of contemporary business issues, the program provides rigour and depth and lays an excellent foundation for further study or future employment.

Students completing the Professional Certificate in Business Studies may go onto further study with a Graduate Certificate, Graduate Diploma or Master program in the relevant discipline.

The Professional Certificate in Business Studies is a non-AQF program with a standard full-time duration of 0.25 years however can only be taken part-time for a duration of 0.5 years. 


Condition of Enrolment

Interruption of program: Students must apply for permission from the Faculty before taking a Leave of Absence. Any extension of the leave without approval will result in the loss of place in the program but an application may be made to be re-admitted to the program subject to the admission procedures in place at the time.

Program Maximum Duration: As specified in Table 1 of the Coursework Academic Programs Policy, this program must be completed within a Maximum Duration which includes any periods of non-enrolment, leave of absence or approved study at other institutions for credit towards a Program. 

Academic Program Rules for Professional Certificate in Business Studies

There shall be a Professional Certificate in Business Studies.

Qualification Requirements
Academic Program: 

To qualify for the degree of Professional Certificate in Business Studies, the student must complete satisfactorily a program of study consisting of the following requirements with a combined total of not less than 6 units, comprising:

1. Courses to the value of 6 units

Core Courses

To satisfy the requirements for Core Courses students must complete courses to the value of 6 units.

Courses to the value of 6 units from the following:

Subject / Catalogue Course Title Unit Value
ACCTING 7025 Accounting Essentials for Decision Makers (M) 3
COMMGMT 7006 People and Organisations (M) 3
CORPFIN 7005 Principles of Finance (M) 3
CORPFIN 7033 Quantitative Methods (M) 3
ECON 7200 Economic Principles (M) 3
ENTREP 5036 Entrepreneurial Concepts and Mindset 3
INTBUS 7015 Cross-Cultural Management and Negotiation (M) 3
MANAGEMT 7104 Marketing for Leaders 3
PROJMGNT 5004 Risk Assessment and Management 3
PROJMGNT 5021 Project Management Fundamentals 3
PROJMGNT 7038 Project Leadership and Communication 3
PROJMGNT 7047 Systems Design for Projects 3
ENTREP 5038 New Venture Creation 3
ENTREP 7020 Design Thinking 3